Lombok Daily Sightseeing Program

LLT 01 – CITY TOURS ( 4 hours)

Temple and Shopping tour                     

The tour will start from Narmada Temple ( water palace ) which was created as a replica of Rinjani mountain and Segara Anak lake within Rinjani’s crater where you can find the “holy water” which is believed to be a young forever. Continue to Lingsar, unique temple belong to Moslem and Hindus and then proceed to some souvenir shops, wooden handy craft at Rungkang Jangkuk Sayang Sayang, local snack , Lombok Shirt and Pearl shop.


This tour is to discover the intriguing sites of Lombok, beautiful scenery , unique culture and tradition. It start from Banyumulek, one of Pottery Centre in Lombok, famous for its traditional pottery hand made, producing many kinds of earth ware in simple method and tools, continue to Sukarare village; renowned for its traditional hand weaving of brightly patterned songket, ikat and sarong cloth, after that, visiting Sade and Rambitan village – featuring the unique traditional lodge with its buffalo dung floors. Last visit is Kuta Beach and Tanjung A’an – one of the most scenic and un-spoilt beaches in this part of the island, white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water , perfect for swimming and sun bathing.


The Tour start from Gunung Sari morning market, then continue to panorama view Pusuk Pass monkey forest and proceed to Bangsal harbor to catch the boat to Gili Trawangan island for about 10 minutes.
On the Island option activities are offered such as snorkeling, diving, glass bottom boat or just relax and enjoying the white sandy beaches.. On the way back to the hotel you will pass the west coast with beautiful view and stop at MALIMBU hill to watch the magnificent view over Lombok strait.


Gili Nanggu and Gili Sudak are small islands at the west of Lombok with its beautiful beaches and clear turquoise water. These island is designated for the ones who love quietness and solitude The tour will take you to Tawun small harbor to reach the island by traditional motorized outriggers for about 30 minutes. Feel free to do anything, swimming, snorkeling and sun bathing without disturbance. The sea is flat, transparent and no wave with multicolor fishes which can be touched by your feet. Feed them with rice or bread and hundreds of friendly fishes will welcome you.
On the way back to the hotel, we will stop at Banyumulek village to see the Sasak women producing earthenware pottery as they have done for generations. Continue to a traditional afternoon market at Kebon Roek, where you can see fresh catch of the day fishes sold.


Sendang Gile water fall is located at Senaru, the main gate away to Mt Rinjani, the second highest mountain in Indonesia at 3726m.
This tour is to wonder the nature beauty of the island’s inner wall and boundaries. Enjoy a relaxing ride through beautiful scenery towards Pusuk monkey forest, witness the monkey with natural habitat waiting for handout, drive up north through handsome rice terraces and take a look at Tanjung , rural market. Segenter Village,is a mountain village, features ancient architecture bamboos construction ,clay floored, and thatched roof inhabited by rather uncivilized local tribes whose ancient belief and simple way of life. Sendang Gile, a huge water fall of approximately 500 meters height of the foot of volcano, Rinjani . Bayan Village, visit an old Mosque. This tour is covering unlimited number of picturesque spots. On the way back , you will pass through west coast of Lombok and at Malimbu hill, which is famous for beautiful pristine beach scenery of green hills and valley at northern part of Lombok.

LLT 06 – COUNTRY SIDE TOUR ( 8 hours)

This tour is covering the destination of the magnificent country side to experience the local people activities, village life, unique culture and traditions and to feel the natural hospitality . The first visit is Karang Bayan Village VILLAGE, a Sasak Village with unique house building. Visit house to house and watch their skill in making basket weaving. The next visit is Suranadi, a worshipping place for the Hindu communities ,which is surrounded by natural fountains and shrines. Continue to Sukarana Village, to see the process of fashioning the tread used for sarong, table cloth, wall hangings etc and Banyumulek village, particularly known for its clay-pot product. Labu Api the handicraft village made of wood such as :mask, statue, and many other craft .Gunung Pengsong, a small hill inhabited by monkeys with temple stand at top. Sekarbela village , renowned for its gold smith where cultured peals of fresh and salt water are fashioned into beautiful ornaments.


This tour is covering the whole of Lombok to the north passing through mountainous rain forest, stopping at Malimbu roller’s coaster panoramic view, Segenter – rustic Sasak Village then we stop at Sendang Gila Waterfall and on to Bayan Village, where the religious belief of the mountain tribe and Moslem emerge over history. Continue to Sembalun Valley – dramatics view of Mount Rinjani, Lemor preserved forest, on the way up, as far as the eyes can see, spread up a lots of beautiful rice terraces. Sapit Village one of the oldest Village in Lombok . On the way back to the hotel you can stop at Loyok, one of bamboo handy craft village ( if time allowed).



This tour is to experience the beauty of the pristine, undiscovered beach of the South Coast of Lombok .Leaving from hotel at 08:00 directly to the south of Lombok through penujak Village . First visit is Selong Belanak beach then to Mawun Beach , continue to Kuta beach and Tanjung Aan beach which wellknown as white sandy pepper beach. Last beach is Bumbangku  beach for lunch and enjoy the tranquility atmosphere on the white sandy beach. After lunch, leaving Bumbangku Beach  and on the way back to the hotel we will  stop at  Sade and Rambitan, traditional Sasal village – featuring the unique traditional lodge with its buffalo dung floors.


This tour is to discover the natural experience of Lombok combined with soft trekking. The first visit is Benang Setokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall, located at North of Praya. Fresh and cool water falls from 20 meter high trough the steep rock face, covered by the variety of vegetations. The water is originally from the Rinjani volcano and the forest. Benang Kelambu is located 30 minutes walk from Benang Setokel.

The next trip is to Otak Kokok waterfall with beautiful natural scenery and mild, People believe that water from the waterfall can cure some disease by bathing in the water

Last visit is Narmada Temple ( water palace ) which was created as a replica of Rinjani mountain and Segara Anak lake within Rinjani’s crater where you can find the “holy water” which is believed to be a young forever.

LLT 10 PINK BEACH TOUR ( 8 hours)

This tour is to experience the beauiful beach on east part of Lombok. Pink Beach have another named with Tangsi Beach. The main attraction of the Beach bar or Pink Beach is a sand-colored Pink, Besides sand beaches distinctive pink color, this Beach also has a very impressive natural scenery surrounded by cliffs . Leaving   hotel after breakfast to Tanjung Luar harbour. To catch the pink beach we have to go by boat, since the road access is not good for car. On the way to Pink beach we can stop at Maringkik island and “ Pasir” or sand island.

LLT-011 LOMBOK SUNSET TOUR ( 4-5 hours)

The tour is started after lunch. First visit is Sidemen village, the palm sugar production , finding the local people making palm sugar in their daily life then continued to Pusuk monkey forest with its beautiful scenery while monkeys are very tame surrounding us. Continued to Tebango village , a traditional village where Buddhist society lives in harmony among other religious .Last visit is Malimbu Hill, an ideal place to watch Sunset , where the three Gilis are seen from the hill.

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