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Gili islands are located 20 km off shore the North West coast of Lombok. These three islands have spectacular beaches with sparkling blue water encircled by coral reefs. The Gili islands are also an ideal place to relax, sun-bath, fishing, and snorkeling as well as scuba diving. Fringed with white sand and swaying palm trees, lay in the sparkling ocean just off the north west coast of Lombok. For many years the gilis have attracted visitors from around the world for their pristine waters, great diving and snorkeling opportunities , and laid-back charm.
All three islands feature superb, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, spectacular coral reefs, and the best snorkeling and diving to be found anywhere on Bali and Lombok. Visitors from all over the world are attracted to the simple pleasures of sun, snorkeling, diving, beautiful beaches, and socializing. The absence of cars, motorcycles, and hawkers adds greatly to the leisure of staying on the Gilis – although there is now a wide range of accommodation available, the islands have maintained the lazy rustic charms of a tropical paradise.

There are no cars nor motorbikes on the islands, and the main form of transport, apart from walking, is by horse and cart (locally called cidomo). There is a good selection of restaurant, bars and accommodation on all three islands. Telephone and internet facilities are available, and most of the normal tourist amenities, although there are no banks, and only the larger hotels and dive operators accept credit cards. Moneychanger exchange at a slightly lower rate than the mainland, so it`s wise to change your money before going.

Gili Air is the closest to the mainland and the most quickly accesses of the three Gilis. This island has the largest number of population of the three and combines the charm of a tropical island, with access to the people and culture that make Lombok so special. Diving facilities abound and there is nice snorkeling directly from the shore, particularly from the east and northeast beaches. The south of the island has some good surf, in the right conditions.

Gili Meno is the middle and smallest of the three with the lowest population. It is not as developed as Trawangan or Air, but has its own special tranquil style. Small hotels and basic beachside huts provide accommodation for those seeking a peaceful place in the sun, with unpopulated beaches, clean waters and quiet walk under the star filled skies at night.

Gili Trawangan is the largest and furthest island and furthers from the mainland, but not easily reached in less than an hour by local boat or around 10minutes by speedboat. This is the most famous and developed from the three Gilis, with a wide range of accommodation, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes. The beaches are clean and perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Snorkeling is extremely easy just off the shore and there is an variety of tropical fish species to enjoy. The island is famed for its vast gardens of blue coral and is one of the best dive spots in Lombok

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