Places to visit and things to do


Pringgasela is easily reached from main road heading east across the island. It is a small village which is steeped in tradition and is a major centre for weaving Ikat. Visit the small houses and shops here to purchase traditionally woven, colorful fabrics.

Masbagik ,close to Pringgasela ,is a small pottery village. Wander the streets and see the pottery being made in the small yards behind the simple homes here and purchase the wares with considerable prices.

Tetebatu, on the southern slopes of Gunung Rinjani, is a cool mountain retreat with beautiful rice terraces , forests and bright green fields of crops and tobacco on the surrounding slopes. It is wet and misty during rainy season, cool and lush during dry and a lovely place for walking or a day trip with lunch at one of the nearby restaurant or lesehan.

Jeruk Manis is a lovely waterfall to north of Tetebatu, reached in about an hour’s trekking through a mongkey filled forest. It is best to take a local guide with you.

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