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Kuta is the main resort area on the south coast and is famous for its beaches and great surfing. There is a good variety of accommodation and restaurant in the area, including the architecturally spectacular and luxurious Novotel Lombok Resort, located on one the most picturesque beaches in the area. Kuta is popular with surfers and holiday-makers seeking sun and sea. Located about 45 km (28 miles) south of Cakranegara, or one and a half hours drive from Senggigi, Kuta has an expansively beautiful white sand beach and is a good base for exploring the stunning beautiful southern coastline.

 The new International Airport which is only 15 minutes from Kuta is also being developed and big plans to develop a whole stretch of the superb south coast with luxury hotels.

Gerupuk , to the east of kuta, is surrounded by lovely beaches and is located at the start of a peninsula called tanjung Ran which just into the Indian ocean. Huge swells create great waves for surfing and attract hundreds of adrenalin junkies to surf here every year.

Mawun, Sepi and Selong Belanak are located to the west of kuta and each offer different beaches and seascapes; perfect for swimming, exploring and lying in the sun

Bau Nyale

Bau Nyale is a colossal sea worm catching festival celebrated on 19th day of the 10th  month in the Sasak lunar calendar, normally falls during the peak of rainy season January until March. Several hundreds of Sasak people, mainly from Central Lombok Regency, gathered on Kuta Beach from late in the afternoon. The young people set their selves around the bon fire during the night and competing each other in rhyming traditional poetry (pantun). When the dawn breaks the next morning, the first Nyale (worm-like fish) are caught with net. This is also the time for teenagers to have a lot of fun riding on many deferent boats chasing each other, making lots of noise and laughter. The rain which might falls makes the circumstance even more dramatic and unforgettable for those who come with lover, or even for those who are in an effort to find one. Bau Nyale, for teenagers, is not only a ritual, but also a good courtship and dating out time.

Nyale are good to serve either raw or cooked. Nyale catch is a good indication of the forthcoming harvest. If the catch is good, the harvest will also be good. Even many people believe that Nyale is good for rice field. It is said that it can help fertilizing if put in the field.

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