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Pura lingsar is a sacred not only for Lombok’s Hindu community but also for local Moslem and Waktu Telu followers. Build around 1714, Pura Lingsar was originally based on the prevailing animist beliefs of the time, and some of the original animist statues remain today. This temple has two holy shrines and is the only place on Lombok where all the religion of Hindhus, Buddhists and Orthodox pray together to pray for prosperity, fertility, rain, health and general success. This temple is traditionally associated with fertility, irrigation and rice. Perang topat , is an annual festival held at Lingsar and features a ritualized war with rice cakes, which also serve as an offering to the Gods.

Pura Narmada (or Narmada temple), around 10 km east of Cakranegara in Narmada, wa created circa 1805 as a replica of Gunung Rinjani and Segara anak, the lake with in Rinjani`s crater .The gardens at Narmada are beautifully maintained surrounded the pools and lake. Check for performance of Gandrung, Gendang Beleq and other traditional dances on special occasions.

Pura Suranadi, a complex of three temple located a few kilometers north of Narmada . Suranadi is the oldest and holiest of the Balinese temples in Lombok, founded by the 16th the century javanese priest, Danghyang Nirartha. Underground streams bubble up into restored baths, used for ritual bathing. Huge sacred eels live in the pools and streams here , and can sometimes be lured out with an offering of boiled eggs (purchased at a nearby stall). See a sacred eel is considered very lucky!. The eels are considered holy and it is taboo to eat or to contaminate their water.

Banyumulek is easily reached on the road south to Lembar harbor, is an important centre for pottery on Lombok.the small village is packed with shop selling pottery produced in the area as well as from the other main pottery-making villages such as Penujak and Masbagik .Lombok pottery, with its distinctive terracotta styles, has become famous internationally and is exported throughout the world. Are being made and Wander the streets here and see the pottery are being made and fired using traditional method. Lombok pottery makes a great souvenir of gift to carry home, and the shops can arrange shipping to many country for larger items and export.

Lembar Harbour is the port on Lombok, about 20 km south of Mataram. This large natural harbor is surrounded by hills and picturesque scenery. Public ferries crossing make hours to Padangbai harbor in Bali approximately every two hours, 24 hour   per day. Boats can also be chartered from here out to Gili Nanggu and the southwest islands.

Sekotong is a picturesque area on the southwest coast, where the waters are turquoise and the sand are blindly white. The large calm bay just before Tawun ( Sekotong) is one of the most beautiful on Lombok, reminiscent of the Caribbean. This is an ideal base for exploring the southwest coast.

Just off the coast lie three small islands : Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudat and Gili Tangkong, Gilia Nanggu with its soft white sand and sparkling clear waters, has a small hotel with basic accommodation and the island is perfect as a castaway escape, with reasonable snorkeling off the beach. There is a sign posted parking area at Sekotong Barat where small boats can be chartered to explore these lovely islands.

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