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Senggigi is the main tourism city of Lombok. It is a house to various holiday homes and also has a market for tourist shopping. Senggigi lies at the heart of the Lombok Island and all the major routes and roads passes through it. The place doubles up as a great place to unwind during nights; you can enjoy the local food at restaurants and listen to music in cafes and bars.

Senggigi is also the most developed area for tourists on Lombok. You can find a variety of restaurants, bars, café, karaoke, discotheques, travel agents, photo processors, money changers, souvenir shop and a range of accommodations starting from budget guest house to 5 star hotels and luxury villas. Restaurants and small cafes line the colorful main beach road. Swimming off the beach is safe.

The town of Senggigi spreads out along nearly 10 kilometers of coastal road. This road continues north to Bangsal, port for the Gili Islands. Along the way, a fantastic scenery of the north west coast of Lombok awaits. Most travelers start or end their stay at Senggigi because of accommodations options are available to all budgets. If you are frugal or intrepid and take the slow ferry from Bali, it’s best to arrange transport in advance from the ferry dock to Senggigi, since the dock on the Lombok side is in a remote spot several kilometers south of Mataram.

There are plenty of activities you can do to complete your holiday. Sightseeing or touring organized by reputable local tour operators is the best option to discover what Lombok has to offer. Renting a car or motor cycle is also good alternative to get around, either self-driving, or with a driver so you can relax and enjoy the view. Car rental in Lombok is more expensive than Bali. Tip driver pocket money for meals if you stop for lunch or diner. If you are pleased with service, tip the driver or local guide at the end. If you collide with anything, or it collides with you, you are responsible for all costs.

Pasar Seni Senggigi ( Art Market)

Located on the beach between the Santosa and Sheraton . There are numerous small stalls selling handicrafts and souvenirs from around Lombok, as well as t shirt sarongs and clothing similar to Bali’s market. On the beach, local sellers ply their wares watches, pearls and jewelery as well as massages and manicures. Small restaurants line the beachfront and are a nice place to catch the ocean breezes during the day, or dine at night while watching the lights of the fishing boats across the ocean.

Information at Senggigi

Senggigi Post Office located on the main street of Senggigi, opposite from Pamour Art & Antique shop. Health Centre or Puskesmas located near Hotel Puri Saron. Drugstore or Apotik available next to the gate of Santosa Lombok Hotel. Dentist available at Meninting Puskesmas 10 minutes drive from Senggigi towards direction to the airport.

Bank BNI available during office hours 5 days a week located near the Post Office. ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machine) are easy to find. ATM BCA, ATM BNI, ATM Mandiri are available, you can swift your credit card and withdraw local currency IDR (Rupiah).

Police office located in Senggigi Art Market, near The Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. Telephone Service (Wartel) available near Melati Dua Hotel. Internet Cafes are: Millenium Internet (opposite Papaya Restaurant) and Star Internet Service located in Senggigi Plaza with dedicated broadband speed at reasonable rates. Cellular phone in Indonesia is GSM and CDMA. If you have brought your cellular handphone, you can purchase prepaid calling cards to make outgoing calls at lower cost than calling on your home SIM. Shops which sell these cards are prolific. Major service providers are: Telkomsel, Satelindo and XL Ritel. Look for signs and banners with those markings.

Money changers are available almost in every corner of Senggigi. Double count your money before leaving the money changers to get the accurate amount. Hotel also provide money changer.

Mini markets are located next to Bank BNI and near the Papaya Cafe. Local Indonesian Foods sells nasi campur and warung Padang can be found right opposite from Taman Restaurant. At night, you can find the famous Nasi Goreng at Warung Cak Poer.


Most larger hotels and restaurants automatically add Government Tax and Service charge up to 21% to the bill. Tipping is expected in main tourist area, but you’re not compelled to tip at restaurants. If you like, your driver or local tour guide, a tip of 10-15% is appreciated.

Carry small changes with you as taxi drivers often have none.

Airport or hotel porters expect Rp. 4000 – 10,000 per bag depending on the size and weights.


Wheelchair ramps and van lifts are not existent. Many major hotels have limited handicapped facilities and accommodation. Advise your tour operators or hotel for special assistance.

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