Welcome to Lombok!

The Lombok Island is located on the east part of Indonesia, Lombok has many attractions making it an ideal place for tourist vacation and sight-seeing. The Lombok island is located in east of Bali. Lombok Island have a gifted natural beauty, mesmerizing people via its picturesque landscape, unparallel Flora and Fauna, and the white sand beaches. Lombok Island have a reputation of a tourist place to relax and unwind but it is also home to the most adventurous sports and therefore also caters to the demands of extreme sport levers.

Lombok Island has the third largest volcano in Indonesia named, Mount Rinjani with a height of 3726 meters above sea level and its crater lake is called Segara Anak. The surrounding countryside and its internationally recognized as a world class destination for trekking and mountain climbing. Around the slopes of Rinjani are forests and agricultural areas, sprinkled with waterfalls and surrounded by stunning scenery.   The best time to climb Mount Rinjani is in mid May when the temperature is just ideal with bright daylight and natural greenery at its peak. Lombok Island has a wet season from October to March and a dry season from April to September.

Lombok Island is home to 3.7 million Indonesians and the local people of Lombok are called Sasaks. Most of these natives are capable of conversing in many languages like Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic and others. They also have a local Sasak dialect of their own. Lombok has broadly three main districts namely Mataram in the west, Praya in central and Selong in east Lombok.

The capital city of Mataram is the commercial center of Indonesia catering to its population which is mainly Muslim. Every Friday noon the Muslims assemble in the Mosque for their pray. If as a tourist you are willing to traverse across villages and local areas then it is advisable for you to wear decent clothes, i.e. knee length shorts and a shirt. Also if you happen to visit Lombok islands during the month of Ramadan then remember not to eat, drink, smoke etc in open as it is a month of fast for the natives.

The natives also have a deep belief in Wetu Telu, it is a unique religion that blends together Islam – Animism and is mainly found in north Lombok. These people consider themselves as Muslims but follow their own rituals in addition to the Islam rituals. One of such ritual is a ceremony called Nyiu which takes place after 1000 days of someone’s demise where the relatives of dead person offer materials like clothing, food and other daily stuff so as the deceased can live peacefully in heaven.

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