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Warm welcome from Lombok, Paradise of island which is perfectly situated just to the east of Bali and can be reached in just 25 minutes by plane or an hour by new fast boat services from Bali.

Lombok is perfectly positioned as the new tourism destination for the area which has a wide range of attraction and activities for all types of travelers whether you are looking for action and adventure, discovering different cultures and traditions or lazing on perfect beaches in the sun or even as Mice destination.

With a pristine environment , a fascinating culture, stunning beaches and islands, jungles and waterfalls and world class trekking on Mt.Rinjani, Lombok became very special island. Combine these with fantastic diving, fishing and ecotourism opportunities and an exotic lifestyle.

Visit the small villages and towns for a look at authentic lifestyles, unchanged by tourism, shop for traditional handicrafts, weaving and pottery or witness fascinating dance and musical performances unique to Lombok. Where ever you go you will be greeted with smiles and friendly Sasak hospitality.

You will find a wide variety of accommodation to suit your personal tastes and budgets from opulent luxury resort to thatched bungalows on the beach.

Come and discover the magic of Lombok, you’ll be enchanted.

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