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WEST LOMBOK Pura lingsar is a sacred not only for Lombok’s Hindu community but also for local Moslem and Waktu Telu followers. Build around 1714, Pura Lingsar was originally based on the prevailing animist beliefs of the time, and some of the original animist statues remain today. This temple has two holy shrines and is the only place on Lombok where all the religion of Hindhus, Buddhists and Orthodox pray together to pray for prosperity, fertility, rain, health and general success. This temp...

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The Lombok Island is located on the east part of Indonesia, Lombok has many attractions making it an ideal place for tourist vacation and sight-seeing. The Lombok island is located in east of Bali. Lombok Island have a gifted natural beauty, mesmerizing people via its picturesque landscape, unparallel Flora and Fauna, and the white sand beaches. Lombok Island have a reputation of a tourist place to relax and unwind but it is also home to the most adventurous sports and therefore also caters to t...